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Children: From my first marriage I have 3 amazing children and 5 beautiful granddaughters
Todd Eugene Phillips, More…born 1964
Darren Keith Van Der Meid, born 1966
Lori E. Gibson, born 1968
Lauren Gibson, born 1992
Amanda Gibson, born 1989
Elizabeth Van Der Meid, born 1988
Angela Van Der Meid, born 1993
Brittany Van Der Meid, born 1987
I am blessed to have a united family, with my present husband:
My other children (by marriage but loved dearly)
Vicky (Farmer) Smith, born 1958
David Farmer, born 1960 (Deceased 2002)
Franklin R Farmer, born 1978
Brian Farmer, born 1989
Landan Farmer, born 2003
Brennen Farmer, born 2010
Yes! Attending Reunion

When I read how many of our classmates have passed away, I couldn't help but think back on my own health problems and how close I’ve been to death. I was profoundly sad for the families of everyone on the list but especially for the families, of those friends I knew well. I would not be here now, if not for the prayers of my family and friends, which I believe with every fiber of my being. I’m blessed to be here writing this and more than ever, I thank God for every day I wake up and realize I’m still alive. I know I’ve beaten the odds repeatedly and sometimes I wonder, what work God still has for me to do? Maybe I was compelled to write this, to reach one person, who is fearful and needs encouragement. Maybe your life has blessed someone else and reading this will compel you to write about your own life. We each touch thousands of lives, so reach out and touch someone, who needs your help.

School Story:

In January 1960, I was involuntarily transplanted by my mother, from Donelson High School in Nashville, to Hialeah Fl. where I felt like a "Duck out of water". I was the fat girl, when fat wasn't in cool and got sick of hearing, "You have such a pretty face" with that unspoken, dangling BUT..
My best friend was a beautiful girl, Bobbi Witz who had a brand new 1960 Yellow Ford Convertible. I used to sneak out of the window, meet Bobbi and since I looked older, I could buy Country Club Malt Liquor, without being carded. We cruised Corky's by the airport, put the top down, drove with the radio blaring, parked in vacant new areas of construction and drank our beer. Just think, we would have been considered juvenile delinquents, for such radical behavior.
I was an A+ student but otherwise ignored or teased. A super handsome guy, Class of 63 befriended me and girls gasped in shock, when he carried my books. His name was Leslie Lyons but he was nicknamed "Doc", because he wanted to be a Veterinarian. I was assigned the task of getting the candy, to fill a Piñata, so Doc went with me but we got distracted at Milander Park, where he pushed me round and round on the playground and the candy went flying. LOL I have so many good memories of Doc, just as friends and even though he was so good looking, he was just my buddy.
Bobbi was gorgeous but not like the other pretty girls and she had the same kind of friendship, with Jack D'Amico, another hunk. Jack, Doc, me and Bobbi became a foursome, of best friends. In 1961, the Winter Fantasy Dance was at the Fontainebleau and all of the cool people were excited. We laughed about it, then one of us decided we should go, knowing the whole school would stop in their tracks, when I walked in with Doc and boy did they. I treasure the picture, my mother made, of the 4 of us all dolled-up.
Mouths dropped, whispers started and people stopped dancing, when Doc took my hand and led me (that fat girl) to the dance floor. We left early, walked the beach barefooted and laughed for hours.
I love the Friday night dances at Milander Auditorium. I was never asked to dance but I could do the Stroll and the entertainment was great. Bobbi took a picture of me, with Teresa Brewer and I got her autograph. Were you there that night?
I lived on 49th St., close to Palm. We hung out at the corner Soda Shop across from the soccer field, on the corner of E.49th St and E. 4th Ave. (I think that's right)
I hate Phys Ed., because of those white, one piece, shorts/top that everyone had to wear and I was terrified of the trampoline. I got a C in that class, the only grade other than A, I ever made. I was tall 5'9", so I was wanted on the Deck Tennis team but going up for the ring, I came down hard and dislocated my left knee. That got me out of Phys. Ed and subsequently, a doctor's letter, made that permanent. Whew!!~Imagine this ! Stanley Thigpen went out of his way, dozens of times, to find me and carry my books, while I was still on crutches. This was before back-packs were invented. Even though he was a big cheese football player, he was a good guy. Little did I know then, that knee would dislocate repeatedly, resulting in major surgery, to tighten tendons that go over the knee cap. Ouch ! 3 Surgeries, then one blood clot after another that almost killed me.

Doesn't anyone remember Charlie Curtin, nicknamed "Charlie Brown", because he was such a clown? What a jerk. He left HHS in 1960 but came back in 1961, to get his diploma. I helped him cheat in Biology, so he would pass and I've always regretted that.

Mr. Boyce-Does anyone remember him? I had a strong Tennessee accent but I had been really strong in Debate, before moving to Miami, so naturally I signed up for Speech class. Every time I was called on to speak, the room hushed and then laughter erupted. Bless his heart, Mr. Boyce came to my rescue. For at least 6 months, he met me after class and worked with me, on my "Southern Drawl". When competition time rolled around, I was ready and thanks to Mr. Boyce, I won Extemporaneous speaking and was on the winning Debate team. For years, no one could tell where I was from and doors opened that would have otherwise stayed closed.
I had to leave HHS before graduating and lost my scholarship but "ship" happens. I lost touch with Bobbi, Doc, Jack and sure wish I could find them.
After I left school, I lost weight, I began modeling, I was besieged with dates but with no experience, I didn't know how to handle the new attention. Some parts of my HHS experience were good but many memories were tainted, because I didn't fit in. Some things haven't changed, kids are still very cruel and hurtful.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

Sadly, no one. Living so far away, I've never attended any reunions and have lost touch with all of my old friends. I hope to see some of you at the 50th Reunion

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Nov 15, 2018 at 4:33 AM
Mar 05, 2018 at 5:16 PM

Dear Donnie,
I'm from the class of 1962 but I'm searching for a friend, who was in the Class of `63 and I hope you can help me find him. His name is Lesley (Doc) Lyons and he lived, directly across the street, from HHS. His nickname was Doc., because he wanted to be a Veterinarian. He was one of my best friends in school and I didn't have many. I was a fat girl, who never had a boyfriend but Doc and I were best buddies and had a lot in common. He was my date, for the Winter Fantasy Dance at the Fontainebleau Hotel, on the Beach. It was strictly platonic, as was the other couple, who went with us. I'll attach a picture of the 4 of us, ready for the big dance. We aren't standing side by side, instead I'm standing by Bobbi's date and he's standing by Bobbi (BEAUTIFUL GIRL). My mother posed us, by the Christmas Tree, taking height into consideration. Doc is on the far left and I'm to the right of Bobbi, as you look at the picture.
I've done all kinds of searches but can't find him anywhere. I have so many wonderful memories and I'm sure Doc would too, so if you know anything about his whereabouts, I would be most grateful.
Ann (Leach) Farmer Email:

Dec 26, 2017 at 8:12 PM
Oct 16, 2016 at 4:33 PM

Dear Maria,
I know you are in Heaven and can hear my prayers, for your other friends and family. You were one of the few people, who made me feel welcome, when I moved to Hialeah, from Tennessee. I still treasure the short time we had together in High School and wish it could have been more than 2 years.

I send my sympathy to all of her friends, who loved her as I did. Sadly, most of us drift away and don't retain the friendships, we made in school.

I'm missing another dear friend, Bobbi Witz. If anyone knows where she is or how I can contact her, please let me know, before it's too late, as it was with Maria.

Maria, Thank You Again for your sparkling personality and sincere warmth,
Ann (Leach) Farmer

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